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Graham Properties

Company Information

Our mission is to provide safe, convenient, and affordable housing for MSU students.  We offer a variety of units, all with features designed to make you feel "at home" while you pursue your education.  Our leases are tailored to the semester program at MSU, with termination dates generally ending in May, July (summer school), and December.  Except for our downtown lofts which are serviced by the free Bear Shuttle, all our properties are within a few blocks west of campus, thus making it easy to walk or bicycle to school. We offer free wireless internet at most of our properties, which makes it convenient to complete assignments and participate in online courses from home.

Our staff make regular walk-throughs in an effort to keep the properties looking safe and clean; our maintenance staff takes care of repairs and landscaping.  Since most of our renters are young and away from home for the first time, we encourage them to be good citizens, pay rent on time, and keep their apartments in an orderly manner; in return, we make a special effort to provide outstanding credit and personal references.  Most students recognize the importance of a full deposit refund, and a favorable Landlord reference.

Lease Information:

For many students, renting from Graham Properties is their first time living away from home and/or living off-campus.  So, we offer these tips when making a decision to rent off-campus housing:

1) Sign a lease. Make certain all your questions are answered in advance and key issues put in writing. An oral lease is legal in Missouri, but a written one should be your preference.

2) Utilities. We do not offer rentals with utilities included. Renters are expected to contact City Utilities and place utilities in their name prior to moving into the unit. You can link to City Utilities’ site here: http://www.cityutilities.net/

3) "Normal wear and tear" is acceptable, but if you’re concerned about the move-in condition of  rental property, put those concerns in writing before signing the lease so you are not held liable later.

4) Deductions are allowed when refunding a Security Deposit such as carpet cleaning, repairs, fees, trash and debris disposal, etc. If you leave an apartment in "a good and clean" condition, you should receive all of your deposit back, less specified deductions known in advance.

5) Last months' rent You are not allowed to pay last month's rent with the Security Deposit, unless your Landlord agrees in advance to your doing so (Most landlords do not).

6) Eviction. A Landlord may evict a tenant for cause, such as failure to pay rent when due, causing damage to the premises, involvement in criminal activity, etc. A court ordered eviction and claims for rent and/or for damages generally will be included in a credit report history, and will remain on it  for seven (7) years. This is a rare occurrence in our rentals as most of our student renters are very responsible.

7) Substitution of tenants/subletting. Missouri law does not allow tenants to sub-let without permission; however, our policy is to work with our renters in the event they want to substitute a roommate or end a lease early by referring a replacement tenant to us. Due to the difficulty in re-leasing units mid-semester, we tie our leases to the semester program, and rarely allow leases to be terminated mid-semester.

8) Membership. Our organization is a member of the Springfield Apartment and Housing Association. You can link to their site here: http://www.springfieldhousing.net

9) Links. There are a number of organizations and attractions in Springfield which we think will be of interest to our renters.  Please visit our Links Page for a complete list.

Thank you for your interest in Graham Properties.

Please contact us if you have any further questions or comments.

Bill Graham